Lease Return Options in New York

Are you ready for the lease return process? If you have a lease contract that is approaching its end, you will want to start thinking about how to return the lease right away. Many people think that they need to return the vehicle to the same place that they got it, but that is not actually the case. Anywhere that accepts lease returns can work with you, so make sure you pick a company you can trust. Here at Discount Car Lease we will help you through the entire lease return process, and can also help you to get a great new vehicle that you will love.

We’ll Inspect Your Vehicle First

One of the steps in the lease return process is going to be to get your vehicle inspected. We can come to you to inspect the vehicle at a time and place that is convenient. When we get there our team will look for any signs of damage or other problems. If something is discovered, we can help you to get it fixed so you don’t have to pay any fees or penalties. In most cases, however, the vehicle will pass the inspection without any trouble so you can continue on the lease return process.

Finding You a New Lease Deal

Another thing to keep in mind when going through the lease return process is what you are going to drive once you’ve turned the vehicle in. Most people will need to buy or lease a new car, and we can help with that too. We lease all makes and models here in New York, and will be more than happy to help you find your next car before you have to turn your current one in. No matter what type of vehicle you are looking for, or what type of vehicle you need to return, we are going to be here for you. Get in touch with us by dialing 646-837-5070 today.