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Discount Car Lease is a great place to come when you want an affordable new car. Our team will work closely with you to find the exact vehicle you want, and then fight to get it for you at the lowest possible price. This is because we aren’t a normal vehicle dealership. Instead, we are a leasing company that works on your behalf to get you everything you need. Many people who tried us for the first time have commented on how fast and easy we make the leasing process, and most importantly, how much more affordable it is to lease a car than they had thought.
If you have a junk car, or an old car, truck, or SUV that's doing nothing more than taking up space on your property it's time to sell and get cash for car. Call us. We offer a FREE pickup in New York and New Jersey.

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Great Prices & Excellent Financing Terms

We are able to keep your prices down by negotiating with the dealerships to get the lowest base rate possible. They know that we bring in a lot of business, and also that we do all the marketing and sales work, so they don’t need to worry about a thing. This saves them a lot of time, which allows them to lease the vehicle to you at a price that is lower than you might expect. On top of that, our financing team will help to secure you a lease loan with the lowest interest rate possible. A low interest rate will really do a lot to keep your monthly payments where they need to be to fit in your budget.

Access to Every Make & Model Vehicle

As mentioned above, we can help you lease a car from any dealership in New York. This means that you don’t have to drive around to look at the different makes and models. You just contact us and you can lease any vehicle you want including Fords, BMWs, Mercedes, Hyundai, GMC, Dodge, and many others. Whatever type of car you want, we’ll make sure it is there for you. In addition, we can get your favorite vehicle with the exact trim package that you need. This means you can have the features you want, and the color you love, while still saving money on your lease deal.

We’ll Negotiate on Your Behalf to get the Best Deals

When buying a car, many people report that they hate having to negotiate with the dealership. We don’t blame you since those who work at dealerships have years of experience with this type of negotiations, and they do it on a daily basis. This really makes it unfair to the customers, and in most cases will result in you paying more than is necessary. Our team, however, also has a lot of experience with negotiating for car lease deals, which means you will save money by working with us.

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If you are interested in learning more about Discount Car Lease and how we can help you to find the right deal on your next car, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We service people from throughout New York, and will be happy to help you find the exact vehicle of your dreams. To speak with us about your next car, please dial 646-837-5070 today.